St Kilda PCYC Privacy Policy

Primary Objective

The primary objective of this Privacy Policy is to ensure that the St Kilda PCYC respects the privacy of its staff, volunteers, donors, members and contractors in the collection, management and use of information.

It is also designed to ensure that each of these parties are aware of and consent to information being collected about them in the circumstances and for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy.

1. Purpose and Context

St Kilda PCYC may collect personal information from its staff, volunteers, donors, members, and contractors for the following purposes:

  • assisting in delivering activities, services, fundraisers and programs;
  • marketing and promotion of services;
  • research and development; 
  • administration of membership systems;
  • administering any urgent medical treatment;
  • contacting medical authorities;
  • assessment of potential employees, contractors and volunteers; 
  • investigation of incidents and Occupational Health and Safety; 
  • compliance with child safety laws; and
  • to inform members of the public of opportunities to contribute to St Kilda PCYC.

2. Use and Disclosure

All information collected by St Kilda PCYC will only be used for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy unless;

  • • St Kilda PCYC is required by law to disclose the information; or
  • • a person consents in writing to St Kilda PCYC using information about them for another purpose not specified in this Privacy Policy.

St Kilda PCYC will only notify a third-party organisation of contact information where it is used for the purposes of managing communications and promotions on behalf of St Kilda PCYC or in providing goods or services that St Kilda PCYC believe will be of benefit or interest to its members and supporters.  

In such an event, St Kilda PCYC warrants it will only deal with external organisations if they have a Privacy Policy based on the National Privacy Principles and have committed not to use information provided by St Kilda PCYC for any other purpose than that approved by St Kilda PCYC. 

St Kilda PCYC endeavours to only uses such sources if its collection and use of any information complies with the National Privacy Principles and the Spam Act 2003 (Cth) (the Act), however does not warrant that the information is compliant with the Act or free from spam or malware.

Members will have an opportunity to opt-out of receiving third-party communications in the membership form or by writing to St Kilda PCYC requesting to opt-out.

3. Types of Information Collected

St Kilda PCYC collect personal and sensitive information from a range of forms, including:

  • Membership Forms;
  • Activity or Program Enrolment Forms;
  • Consent Forms;
  • Accident and Incident Forms;
  • Recruitment Forms; and
  • Donation Forms.

Personal or sensitive information collected may include name, age, gender, contact details, parent/guardian details, health information including injuries and pre-existing medical conditions, health insurance details, qualifications, preferred activities, language requirements, dietary needs, religious or cultural needs, emergency contact details, prior workplace history details, employee or volunteer references, convictions, charges, working with children status, bank account details for the purposes of payments to/from St Kilda PCYC and any other information required by St Kilda PCYC to maintain its legal obligations and internal policies to a satisfactory standard.

St Kilda PCYC may also collect information from other sources including CCTV (where a security breach or incident has occurred), telephone, email, via the St Kilda PCYC website, third parties engaged by St Kilda PCYC or via any other publicly and commercially available information source or database.

Members may be allocated a membership number for administrative purposes. Donors may also be allocated a computer-generated number to identify them for donor administration purposes. The numbers allocated have no relationship to any identifier allocated by any other agency.

Personal and sensitive information is only collected to the extent necessary to ensure appropriate service to the individuals involved, to ensure St Kilda PCYC can fulfil its duty of care (including its duties in relation to working with children and mandatory reporting obligations), and to ensure St Kilda PCYC complies with its legal obligations.

4. Internet Policy

This statement sets out St Kilda PCYC’s policies relating to the collection and use of personal or sensitive information as it applies to the use of the St Kilda PCYC website and online resources.


St Kilda PCYC collects information from users via tracking technologies known as cookies.  Cookies are packets of information or data that are collected from a user’s browser activity which help to assist St Kilda PCYC to deliver its web services.  

Cookies may include (but is not limited to) tracking of a user’s duration on the website, time of access, page errors, numbers of unique visitors, page visits, links selected and exit points.

Any information or data collected by St Kilda PCYC through cookies will not ordinarily reveal any personal or sensitive information about the user, however where a user registers a membership via the website then some personal information may be obtained to assist St Kilda PCYC to deliver its membership services.   

A user is able to manage their cookies settings by amending their browser preferences, however the services provided by St Kilda PCYC may be limited if cookies are restricted. 

Promotional emails and surveys

St Kilda PCYC may contact users or members to provide promotional information or request the completion of surveys from time to time.  However, before doing so St Kilda PCYC will first ask for permission to send this type of information.

A user or member that has consented to receiving promotional or survey information may notify St Kilda PCYC if they wish to no longer receive such information.  Notification can occur by providing written notice to St Kilda PCYC or to the affiliated provider who sent the information.

St Kilda PCYC will endeavour to process the request within seven (7) business days.  

Information systems

St Kilda PCYC will take all reasonable steps to keep secure any information that it holds about users or members, and to keep this information accurate and up to date. This information is stored on secure servers that are protected in controlled facilities.

In addition, St Kilda PCYC employees and the contractors who provide services related to information systems are obliged to respect the confidentiality of any personal or sensitive information held. 

All credit card or bank account details provided to St Kilda PCYC when purchasing products or memberships from St Kilda PCYC are treated confidentially and will never be shared with any third parties that are not directly involved in completing the transaction, unless required to do so by law. 

St Kilda PCYC is not responsible for any events, costs, damages, loss or liability arising from unauthorised access to personal information and limits all liability to the extent permitted by law.

Information security

St Kilda PCYC will take all reasonable steps to secure personal or sensitive information of users and members, including:

  • limiting access to information to authorised staff, contractors and volunteers;
  • educating staff, contractors and volunteers in relation to this Privacy Policy;
  • ensuring systems are in place for the physical and electronic security of information; and
  • destroying or de-identifying personal or sensitive information when no longer required by St Kilda PCYC.

Third party links

St Kilda PCYC provide links to websites outside of its own. These links are not under the control of St Kilda PCYC, and therefore St Kilda PCYC does not accept responsibility for any events, costs, damages, loss or liability arising from the use of these links or for the conduct of the host providers of those links.   

5. Security Surveillance

St Kilda PCYC may establish security surveillance systems to assist it to monitor and protect the safety of its members, staff, contractors and visitors and to monitor the security of its premises. Video data collected via the use of surveillance systems is only retained and used where an incident or accident requires use of that data. 

6. Access

St Kilda PCYC takes all reasonable steps to ensure that the information it collects, stores, uses and discloses is accurate and regularly updated.  

Members, donors, employees, contractors and volunteers may access their own personal information held by St Kilda PCYC by requesting access in writing.  St Kilda PCYC will endeavour to process any requests within 14 days.  

Access can be requested either by email or by mail as follows:
Mail:    General Manager, St Kilda PCYC, 179 Inkerman Street, St Kilda, Victoria 3182

Access to sensitive or personal information of children under 18 years of age will be permitted only for those individuals with legal responsibility for the child in question and where there is no perceived risk to the child in providing that information.

Details will be forwarded by mail or email to the recorded addresses or to alternate addresses, subject to the individual providing proof of identity (i.e. drivers licence or Australian Passport etc) and satisfying any other reasonable request of St Kilda PCYC.

7. Legal Compliance

St Kilda PCYC endeavours to always comply with: 

  • the National Privacy Principles embodied in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth); and
  • the Spam Act 2003 (Cth).

8. Complaints

Complaints concerning the use of personal information or the application of this Privacy Policy must be made in writing to the General Manager, St Kilda PCYC, 179 Inkerman Street, St Kilda, Victoria 3182.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint, you can refer your complaint to:

Contact: Office of the Australian Information Commissioner
Phone: 1300 363 992
Post: GPO Box 5218, Sydney NSW 2001
Online form: (Privacy Complaint Form).

9. Amendments

St Kilda PCYC reserves the right to review, amend and update this Privacy Policy at any time without notice.  Any alterations will take effect at the time they are published on the St Kilda PCYC website.

10. Further Information on Privacy

For further information about privacy issues in Australia, please visit

Authorised by:

Board of St Kilda Police & Citizens Youth Club

March 20, 2019

For Review by:

General Manager PCYC


179 Inkerman Street
St Kilda Vic 3182
P: +613 9534 7584

ABN: 68206026983


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