Help St Kilda PCYC drive change for young Melburnians


Help St Kilda PCYC drive change for young Melburnians

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Will you please support our journey of empowering youth?

Since 1947, St Kilda PCYC has been transforming young lives through outreach and youth programs.

As we near the end of Melbourne’s Lockdown, we need to ask for your help.

St Kilda PCYC must be ready to quickly re-connect with the young people we support and start our vital youth programs once more.

There are two ways you can help.

St Kilda PCYC Driving Change Appeal
Driving Change Appeal
Driving Change Appeal

We need to raise $56,000 to replace our 12-year-old MACVAN

One of our most successful initiatives is the Mobile Activity Centre (MAC), an early intervention program which uses recreational activities to mentor young people and improve their self-esteem, behaviour and attitude.

MAC gives young people a way to connect with others, improve their confidence and build social skills.

Key to the success of our MAC program is our 12-seater MACVAN, which enables us to collect young people from various locations to attend our programs.

But after many years of use, our 12-year-old minivan is nearing ‘end of life’. The van requires expensive regular services to keep it on the road. Without a fully operational and reliable van, MAC programs will be put on hold.

Driving Change Appeal
St Kilda PCYC Youth Programs

We must build and run new programs to support Melbourne’s youth

The young people we support have experienced significant social and emotional impacts due to COVID-19. We were heartbroken when we had to put our programs on hold, as well as important connections, relationships and new opportunities for personal growth.

But difficult times call for an innovative approach.

St Kilda PCYC needs to run new programs and rebuild youth activities for our youth, continuing our crucial work helping young people develop, grow and take positive steps towards the future.

To help young people recover from the impacts of Melbourne’s Lockdown, we need to deliver…

Ongoing programs in 2020 and into 2021 for young people who have struggled with isolation and anxiety.

Our Leadership Camp program in January 2021 to help at-risk young people rebuild health, wellbeing and confidence.

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