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St Kilda PCYC is fortunate to have a Board of Directors with a wide-range of professional experience, but all with a uniting passion about working with community and supporting the well-being of our society’s youth. All members volunteer their time, receiving no personal benefit other than the satisfaction of being an integral part of guiding St Kilda PCYC to a stable and prosperous future and to grow the programs that help empower youth for life.

Latest news:

On Thursday 16 February 2017, the Board of St Kilda PCYC welcomed two, new, co-opted members: Dagmar Andersen and Charlie McFadden.


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St Kilda PCYC Board Report Year Ended 30 June 2016 [Download]

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St Kilda PCYC Board Profiles



Charlie-St-Kilda-PCYC-Board picCharlie McFadden


Charlie will be know to most St Kilda PCYC members and has been an enthusiastic support of our club for many years. He has worked as a Youth Worker and a Master’s Class trainer at St Kilda PCYC.



Ramon Lopez PictureRamon Lopez

Board Member

Ramon was a barrister for 43 years and since his retirement has become more involved with supporting and contributing to our community. Ramon is also heavily involved with the St Kilda PCYC Masters program.


Greatest achievement as a Board member?

First, making it possible to finance over $150,000 of improvements and equipment for the year.

Second, watching a bunch of sweaty, happy  kids running around the basketball court under the watchful eye of a huge, American man teaching them skills on how to be part of a team and ultimately winners.

Third, seeing a 70-year-old woman sink 8-out-of-8 from 3 metres while waiting for a Monday Masters’ class to start! 


Dennis Edlin picture

Dennis Edlin

Vice President

Dennis has contributed well over 20 years of time, energy and passion to the St Kilda PCYC. He is a visionary who has been an integral force in the development and success of our Club.


Greatest achievement as a Board member?

To see the Club continue to grow and thrive after the illness and retirement of Aunty Ol to where it is today fulfilling our mission of Empowering Youth for Life.


Pierre Te Angina picturePierre Te Angina 

Board Member

Pierre is an ex-member of both the New Zealand and British armed forces. He has been a member of the St Kilda PCYC since 2010. He has actively involved in the community and enjoys participating in volunteer duties at Sacred Heart Mission, Back2Bikes and is a member of the recently established Port Phillip BUG (Bicycle Users Group).

Greatest achievement as a Board member?

The possibility given to me by being invited to join the St Kilda PCYC Board to make a difference in our community of St Kilda and the City of Port Phillip for all, in whatever way I can make that work.


St Kilda PCYC Board Member Christine Perkal

 Christine Perkal


Christine used to be an Industrial Chemist before  moving into Accounting for a more flexible career. She has been a keen member of the Masters Class and wanted to contribute to the ongoing development of St Kilda PCYC. She has recently taken on the role of Treasurer.


Joy HawkinsJoy Hawkins

Board Member

Joy is a dedicated participant of the Masters’ classes and has been a member of St Kilda PCYC for many years. She enjoys photography and is an award winning graphic designer.



Callan Young St Kilda PCYC Board MemberCallan Young

Board Member

Callan has been involved with the St Kilda PCYC since he was 15yo – as a participant in the youth activities, then as a volunteer. The club helped give structure to his life and allowed him to explore an interest and passion in health and fitness by becoming a personal trainer.

As time at the club increased, he developed an interest in youth development, resulting in further study and becoming a teacher – his profession of today – but continued to be involved in the club, when time allowed.

Callan excited to be given the opportunity to be part of the committee and the decision making for the club’s future. In an ever changing society, he believes it is important that the club keeps evolving and adapting to fulfil our goal of empowering youth from all walks of life.

Why do you love St Kilda PCYC?

I love St Kilda PCYC because it is a place where anyone can feel they belong, regardless of class, creed and nationality. There is a strong sense of community and being a part of something ‘bigger’ when you are involved in the club. The club also attracts people who have a warm and caring personality, which adds to the friendly atmosphere unique to the St Kilda PCYC.


Dagmar St Kilda PCYC Board Member

Dagmar Andersen

Board Member

Dagmar is a highly respected member of Victoria Police with a strong commitment to the community and the work of St Kilda PCYC.