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St. Kilda Police and Citizens’ Youth Club – Empowering Youth for Life

The St. Kilda Police and Citizens’ Youth Club is committed to promoting, protecting and maintaining the safety and wellbeing of members of the local community as well as actively encouraging a positive role within their communities, for young people across Victoria. As such, the club is still as relevant now as it was nearly 70 years ago.

The St. Kilda Police and Citizens’ Youth Club was founded in 1947 by, Mrs Olive Johnston, following the discovery of a few local youths stealing apricots from her front garden. It dawned on Mrs Johnston that if nothing was to be done, these young men would go on to live very difficult lives and, as such, the need for a charitable association became apparent. With that, the first meeting of the then, St. Kilda Boy’s Club, was held at her home on September 22, 1947. The initial meeting was attended by 14 youngsters who were all catered for with games, outdoor activities and even homemade supper.

As news spread, numbers grew and space became scarce. No less than three weeks later, her home could no longer support the fifty youths she had managed to bring in and so the Club moved from Church Hall to Church Hall, even going as far as to use one of the prestigious meeting rooms in the St. Kilda Town Hall. It wasn’t long before young women from the area began to attend as well, which resulted in Mrs Johnston changing the club’s name to St. Kilda Boys’ and Girls’ Club, in 1948.

In 1956, following a period of unease, the club called upon the local Police to help protect its future and, in so doing, the club moved to its first permanent location on Frampton Street and took on a new identity; The St. Kilda Police and Citizens’ Youth Club, as it’s known today.

It was nineteen years later, in 1975, that the club relocated to 179 Inkerman Street in St. Kilda and it remains there today. The original site was donated by a local butcher for the sole use of the St. Kilda Police and Citizens’ Youth Club and over the years it’s been modified and reorganised to cater for the needs of this generation. Now the club can offer young boys and girls a range of activities including; gymnastics; aerobics; cheerleading; marching; basketball, slot-car racing and boxing.

Today the club continues to provide outstanding programs, services and activities to people of all ages, striving to empower the youth we work with and to give them the opportunities they need to excel and develop their skills.

We are constantly updating our programs to benefit the community as best we can, now and always.




St. Kilda PCYC

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